Sunday, November 28, 2010

Rizor Thanksgiving

We were lucky enough this year to be able to enjoy Thanksgiving with both families. So, after we had the first dinner with Kevin's family, we went and had a second one with my family.

David, Helena & Mike

Grandma & Grandpa Rizor

Me and My Sweet Hubby

Jake and Rachael were supposed to come too but the stupid snow changed their plans...

This is the very first time ever that my dad bought and cooked a turkey. Like all things he does, it's "Go BiG or gO hOmE!" For his first turkey dinner he de-boned the turkey and then made a roll with the boneless turkey and his special homemade stuffing. Oh my! It was so fantastic!

He also make homemade apple pie... YuMmY! It was the best pie he's ever made. 

By the end of dinner, we were so full we needed to roll back to the car. Oh man! It was so wonderful. We had such a wonderful day!

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  1. How fun! I love all the pictures!!!! Glad you had a good time. Miss you!