Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Last November, all the Cooley's were in town for Thanksgiving. We decided to take the fam out for some pictures... As usual, I had to work that day so I didn't get go to all the places they went, but I did tag along to a tunnel to try out silhouette pictures. We had such a blast but being November, it was so cold! The poor kiddies almost froze to death! I did a few edits and here's what I came up with:
This was all of the Cooley grandkids...
 Alissa, Maycee, Blaine, Landon, Allison, Ashley, Collin, Katelyn, Easton & Dawson

Danielle & Darren

Easton, Brandon, Aubrey & Dawson

Allison, Katelyn, Shawn, Susan, Blaine & Ashley

Joey, Christopher, Katelyn, Ryan & Ashley

Thanks Cooley Fam! I had a blast!


Alright... I know that I'm a loser because I haven't posted since like... October... Seriously, I realize how pathetic that is... So, I'm going to make an attempt to catch up on some things because now I have a little more time on my hands... Yay! For starters, I now have a new job. I am no longer at the Dollar Tree. Let's just pause for a WOO HOO!!! I'm now working for Anesthesia Associates... That's right, a doctor's office so I have doctor hours. Off by 4:00pm Mon-Thur and off by 3:00 on Friday's for an early start to my weekend. No more nights, no more weekends. Isn't that fantastic? I'm truly been blessed because now I actually get to have dinner with my dear husband. Don't misunderstand, he never made me feel like a bad wife, but there is something to be said for making a warm meal for your husband and pack lunch for the next day... That's what good women do for their hubbies! Anywho... enough babbling for now. I'll post more later.... promise!