Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Well, about a month ago Archie left us... I was very sad about the circumstances but these things happen... Arthur missed his friend very much. He would walk around the house meowing and meowing... then he would go outside and meow and meow. Then he would go into our neighbor's yard and meow and meow... Truthfully, it was driving us crazy. After about a week of that, we decided that we may need to go and find another cat... At Sunday dinner, we mentioned that to my parents who said, "Well our neighbor's can just had kittens lets go look at them." We were a little hesitant because we knew that meant we would be getting a cat sooner than we had expected. Sure enough, we found a little kitten. She is so sweet. We decided to name her Guenevere. Now King Arthur has his Guenevere. That is really a mouthful when you are talking about a cat so we call her Gigi for short. And, as always, there are lots of nick names, Lil G, G-Bot and Miss G. At first, she wasn't to sure about Arthur but now they run around and play all day long. We are very sad that Archie had to go, but we sure do love Gigi and we wouldn't have her with us otherwise.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Ok, so I have really been a slacker! We did, for the most part, finish our remodel at the beginning of June but between girls camp and weddings, I have had no time to update the blog... We are so very happy with the results. At first, Kevin and I would just sit in the front room and say, "it feels so fancy!" We couldn't have done it without such great family members willing to help us. Thanks Brandon, Danielle and especially Darren! We couldn't have done it without you!